OVERHEATED Brings Diverse Music Industry Voices Together for Climate Action

OVERHEATED, presented by Billie EilishSupport + Feed, REVERB and EarthPercent took place at the O2, 16th October. A deftly curated program of important conversations and passionate speakers, it gives me hope about the role music can and will play in climate action, and provided space for diverse voices in a way that many events fail to manage.

It was refreshing to have such a range of voices in the room; from the O2 venue boss (owned and managed by AEG), Vikki Chapman from Live Nation, and Billie Eilish’s tour management,  to Climate Live leaders and young black activists from Choked Up campaigning on air pollution. 

As someone involved in event impact reduction as a professional, I took a special intertes in the panel; Taking Charge: Efforts to Decarbonise Events. Here’s a few take-aways.

  • Jamal Chalabi  (Touring Production Group Sustainability lead) described the music and touring industry as on the verge of ‘Napster moment’ in terms of embracing sustainable practices.
  • Steve Sayer announced the O2 was putting in place a ‘plant forward’ food policy (reinforcing their leading commitment to green practices),
  •  Carly McLachlan from the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research gave a succinct reality check – we have a choice between slower travel for touring and the future of all life, so let’s move on from ‘it’s too hard or expensive’ and grasp the nettle before its too late.

Overall a brilliant event and something we need more of.