ADE Green Livecast Dives Deep into the Post-COVID Future of Dance Music, Festivals and Sustainability

Thursday saw the kickoff of ADE Green Livecast — ADE Green’s new online current affairs show, where host Green Events International  invites dance music and event industry professionals from around the globe to exchange ideas about the (un)foreseeable future of dance music, festivals, and sustainability. For everyone who missed out, you can still rewatch after registration.

Presenter Pay Kolmüs is accompanied by table guests Milan Meyberg, sustainability strategist and Carlijn Lindemulder, founder of ADE Green for a 90 minute deep dive into the post-COVID festival climate. Guests include the directors of Lowlands, Boom and Burning Man, one of the founders of United We Stream, one of the co-founders of Extinction rebellion and one of the members from Soul Clap.

For a full recap see the Green Events International website here, and to re-watch register with ADE Green here.