Global Hack-a-thon Attracts 500 Sustainable Event Professionals

The Sustainable Event Alliance (SEA) global online event, 15th April, brought together around 500 professionals across tow events to discuss the current crisis and what this means for sustainability in the events industry.

Participants joined focus groups to discuss specials topics such as data, reusables, leadership, ‘safe zones’ food and practical matters. I joined the Climate and Community session, exploring how we can gain more traction with the wider events industry at this time. It feels like a crucial moment to re-think and make changes, and the group summarised that we needed to make sustainability relevant and sexy now in the context of the challenges we are facing [Coronavuris], and take a once in a lifetime opportunity to champion fundamental changes. A poll of participants was 50/50 on whether sustainability will take the main stage or be sidelined as a result of Covid-19.

Delve into the findings and find out more on The Sustainable Events Alliance website